I offer the following services:

English Language Coaching
Business English (all levels)
General English (all levels)
Pronunciation Training- Accent Reduction, US English
Translation Services and Translation Training (all levels).

Creative Writing Coaching
Depending on your needs, our coaching sessions may consist of a combination of consultations, giving writing assignments, reading and reflecting upon them. Feedback on your work will identify your strengths, help you develop your skills and style as well as encourage you to continue and progress. Writing assignments and introductions to writing techniques support you in developing a writing routine and your own writing style: you become a writer.

My coaching approach is client-centered, flexible, honest and motivating. I enjoy supporting you in whichever field you require coaching.

individual coaching: 90 euros per 60 minutes, 120 euros per 90 minutes.
Please contact me for group prices and packages as well as corporate prices.
I will consider lower income and student discounts. Please inquire at the time of booking.

Unless we agree otherwise, all sessions will take place at my home in Hamburg-Hoheluft/Germany.
For out-of-towners I’m happy to offer sessions via Skype.

If you prefer, feel free to contact me in German at first, although I’m sure you can do it in English, too!

I look forward to getting to know you.

gabriele kohlmeyer, m.a.
phone: +49 +40 22602827

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